One Hour Apart

I try not to talk to too many people about Crossfit... because most of the time I get so over passionate I sound like I am trying to sell them something. But it is seriously that good, I cant help it.

I wont bore you with my whole speech about how it has changed my life, my marriage, my child, my body... but it has.

I will tell you though, that I am uber obsessed with my gym, because they offer free babysitting while I workout. It is the only 60 minutes of the day that I get for myself, and damn it I make sure every last one of them is spent sweating, and laughing my ass off.

The best part?? Lovebug loves it too... like, more than the average kid loves being at a Gym. You are probably envisioning a typical Gym Day Care, with an grandmother-ly type woman, and 19 billion kids running around. Not the case.

We have two young members (who have known Lovebug for 9 months) caring for him, and maybe one or two other children at a time. They are the sweetest girls and actually love him, and enjoy him like we do. I do not even have a babysitter that I use regularly at home, because I don't trust anyone enough. But these two, if they lived closer they'd be my Nannies. If Lovebug had a say, he'd agree, he loves them as much as we do. They are like members of our family, and make working out as stress free as it should be. To have peace of mind while I work out; knowing he is in loving, caring hands... is priceless to me.

Lovebug spends the entire hour socializing, playing outside, hopping in puddles... you name it, he is all over it. He is 100% comfortable at the Gym. It is his home away from home, and he basically thinks he is the Mayor, schmoozing up everyone who comes in his path. We couldn't be happier that the hour he spends with a sitter is in a healthy environment, where fitness is numero uno. As opposed to spending it with a Nanny, who gabs on the phone and facebook, while he runs wild.

We are forunate enough to be raising Lovebug at home, with his mother, as opposed to at a Day Care or with a Care Giver. But, everyone needs their space, and after a full day of being a clown for Lovebug, I am happy to pass him and his energy on to someone else.

It's true what they say, distance makes the heart grow fonder. The second I finish working out, I cant wait to get my hands on Lovebug. It doesn't hurt that he almost always says, "Good job Mom," when I finish, complete with a bear hug and sloppy (sometimes snotty), kiss.

Just one more reason to love Crossfit. Okay, I'll stop.

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