Name Our Baby

Please, for the love of God, name our baby.

To say that we are having a hard time agreeing on a name is the understatement of the century. The problem, I will admit, is me.

My name is unique. Husband's is not. I believe that names, like people, should be different. Something you can grow into, and carry well as you age.

Lovebug's name is also unique. It is also something we both loved, and really felt belonged in our family.

The problem, is that we cant find anything to go with it, or even half as cool. I want something that you do not hear every day. I want my child to be one of the only ones in their grade, if not their school, with their name. I want it to be cool, strong, and above all else, UNIQUE.

That means, any name sounding like "Aidan, Caden, Jaden, Kailey, Kailyn, Kailynn, Kendall, Kendal, Kensley, Kinsley..." are out of the question. I actually do like all of those names, but they are no longer unique... there will be 3 or 4 Aidan's in every classroom in the next five years.

Last night Husband had a suggestion. It made me wonder... why do I let him talk?

Okay, that may be a bit harsh, but you'll understand better when I tell you that he suggested, "Prudence."

Cant you just see a grown woman with big glasses and moth ball holes in her sweater, with 12 cats and no boyfriend. Probably living in my basement to boot.

Husband also gave me a last name that rolls off your tongue about as easily as, "Excavator, Encyclopedia, Tyrannosaurus..." you get the idea. So, when naming our children, we agreed to go with what we like, and ignore the last name altogether. Meaning, I don't care if it sounds good with the last name, I care if it sounds good to us.

Please name my child, come to the Hospital, surprise me after delivery and say, this is your child __________.

It would be so much easier than doing it myself.


  1. If we had a boy it was going to be Cooper. If you had the middle name with an N his initials could be CNN. Which would be pretty cool if you ask me.


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