It's Not a Glamorous Job

Every once in awhile I will look in the mirror and think, "Hey, not bad."

Maybe I washed my face, brushed my hair, and put some earrings on that day. Or, maybe I just don't have lollipop in my hair, boogers on my shirt, or shit in my hand... all of those things also constitute a, "Hey, not bad."

The other day I was doing my nails while Lovebug played in his bath at my feet. We were singing and he was splashing and saying, "Mommy, nails, Mommy, nails..." when he heard the garbage truck outside.

I didn't have a chance to cough, or sing loud, or distract him. The damage was done, he heard the truck and now he wanted to see it. As in, right this freaking second Mom, I don't care if I am covered head to toe in bubbles...

He also didn't care, that I had just painted my nails. Granted, it was just clear, dry in 60 seconds top coat, but still. Of course the garbage truck would come during the 60 seconds it takes the damn polish to dry.

So, I look at the soaking wet Bug with his big blue eyes, and pick him and all his bubbles up and pull the shade. I do it just in time to catch the garbage man emptying our can into his truck. Lovebug is thrilled, clapping, and hugging me, screaming "Garbage truck, garbage truck, garbage truck!"

I am soaked, covered in bubbles, and sticky nail polish which did not freaking dry in 60 seconds!

The truck drives away and I put Lovebug back in his bath for more singing, swimming and splashing. I take off my soaked hoodie, revealing my tshirt underneath, and sit back down to take my nail polish off. We are two rounds through the Farmer in the Dell when I hear it. Too late, Lovebug heard it too.

The garbage truck, making his way back around the neighborhood, hitting the opposite side of the street.

Good thing there are only two sides of the road. Because there I was, picking Lovebug up and putting him back in the window. And then, taking off my t-shirt, now soaked and covered in bubbles, with nothing but a bra left underneath.

I could hear it now, "I am minding my own business picking up trash, when I look up into a house to see a naked baby covered in bubbles, and his giant pregnant mother wearing a bra made of bubbles watching me from the window."

It's not a glamorous job, but someone's got to do it.

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  1. Too funny! The things that we do to make our kids happy!


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