I'm Loving...

I'm loving that it's my birthday! Whoot, whoot! My all time favorite day of the year!!

Call me selfish, but I just think birthdays, are the best days! Even as I get older and Husband has to work, and my family and friends are in nineteen different states (not really nineteen, more like three), my favorite part of my birthday is all the love I get from all corners of my life... not the presents.

It's the love, people! The love!

My sweet sister, Skinny Sis, even came to keep me company since Husband is traveling AGAIN, and filled our house with balloons and party hats... just like Hunny used to do! She's good right??

The decorations were a double whammy because Lovebug, of course loved them too. He also loves to sing "Happy Day Day," all the time... it is something special the first time your child sings to you on your birthday.

I am loving that Skinny Sis lent me her car to go to the gym all by myself (cue Celine Dion) on my Happy Day Day! Because something I am not loving is that Husband left for a business trip MONDAY with BOTH sets of my car keys. As Snookie would say, "Waaahhhh."
(Yup, stuck in doors for 72 hours with an almost 2 year old in the rain... parrr-ty!)

Husband, the good Italian boy that he is, feels so guilty (Italian mothers teach that young, I hear), that I am expecting some amazing birthday gift goodness thrown my way. Not that I am about the presents (it's the love people, the love!), but some new shoes would sure help heal me of my cabin fever!

Annd... who doesn't love facebook on their birthday?? That Mark Zuckerberg is good. If you ask me, that little Birthday corner on facebook has brightened many a person's day, making it one of the best parts of facebook. Reading all those sweet messages is seriously the icing on the cake (womp, womp), so to speak. It is my hope that people will one day be that nice all the time.

That's what I am all about. Birthday Niceness everyday, minus the balloons and new shoes, just giving the love should be enough. Let's start a trend, get Zuckerberg on the case. And why not??
Everyone loves a Happy Day Day!


  1. Happy Birthday!
    (Love the name Easton!) Its one of my favorites on my list! So is Madisyn

  2. Thanks for stopping by! Marcie, Madison is actually our cat's name! Named for the middle school Husband and I met at when we were 11!! I am in constant search of a name for our next little one... any suggestions??

  3. aww yay! happy belated birthday :) great post!


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