Here Comes Peter Cotton Tail...

The Easter Bunny kept it simple at the Bug house this weekend. A trail of Easter eggs leading directly to Lovebug's first T-Ball set.

I noticed at the first of three Easter Egg hunts we went to this weekend, that Lovebug is still too young to care too much about collecting eggs. So, we kept it short and sweet with this $13 (on sale!) T-Ball set from Tar-jay.

Lovebug was in Heaven. Plus, you can always count on Grandparents and Godparents to spoil him rotten anyway. He definitely got his fill of Easter basket goodness (so did I), and was even semi-interested in the last egg hunt we attended. Not really, but with two parents screaming, "There's one! Get it!" He had no choice.

Husband somehow got roped into playing an Easter bunny game, complete with ears and foofy bunny tail. (He is totally cursing the day I started a blog right now.)

What a good sport.

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