Fo' Free

I often find myself marveling at all that I have learned since actually becoming a Mom. When I was pregnant with Lovebug I literally had no clue what I was in for, none, nada, zilch.

As Lovebug and I ventured out into the world and met lots of cool new Mommies, I began to realize that all those books people tell you to read don't know shit. I mean, I am sure they are fine, and their authors are all great people, but if you want to know the real deal, you gotta get in on the playground.

These women know every last tip to give in order to make your life easier. Seriously, I am not playing around. They know the best kind of high chairs to save space, the best snacks to give to avoid crumbs, the best sales to shop, the best medicines, the best potty training ideas... you name it, they know it.

I also figured out pretty quickly that parents as a whole, hate to have so much shit in their house. I look at my son's pile of toy's everyday and think about the Little Bug in my belly and think...
 Oh God, that pile is going to double soon...

We are lucky enough to have met lots of generous Mommies (and Daddies!) looking to unload stuff their own children have outgrown. It is a win-win situation. We take their old stuff, we save money, they de-clutter.

I remember when Lovebug was 10 months old thinking, "I should get him more toys." I set out to visit my BFF Tar-Jay and couldn't believe how many toys were more than 20 bananas... for one toy!
He doesn't even play with the ones he has!!

Now that I am a much smarter Mama Bug, I have learned to put some toys away when Lovebug's birthday and Christmas roll around. All of the Bug's potty training rewards have been Christmas gifts that I stashed for a rainy day. I have also learned to stop spending my  Husband's hard earned cash on retail.

The best toys we have we got FO' FREE!!! This just a few of the things that have gotten passed on to us in our playroom... I didn't even attempt the rest of the house, (fyi... this stuff altogether paying retail would cost well over 600 bananas!)

Little Tykes House, immaculate condition.

Easily 100 plastic animals.

The storage bins (still empty, yay, room to grow!) and the Thomas table and all accessories

If worse comes to worst, and someone I know isn't trying to unload whatever it is I am searching for, Craigslist is FILLED with parent's looking to sell their hardly used toys too! Most toys are only played with a half a dozen times and then tossed aside anyway.

That sound you hear? No worries, it's just the wallets of  parent's everywhere sobbing, because they are lonely and empty, yet somehow, the toy box is full... of toys with dead batteries.

Go figure.

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