Big Boy Room... Full Speed Ahead

Something funny happens when you have kids. Making plans pretty much goes to shit.

You see, I had these huge plans to spend the next 6 weeks making Lovebug's Big Boy Room amazing. Then... he climbed out of his crib. Like a ninja. Not like most kids, who start to climb and then tumble to the floor.

Lovebug is clearly spending too much time at the gym (he is, after all, not 2 years old and already doing his own version of push ups), because he just lowers himself out of his crib, and that's that.

Maybe if he fell like a ton of bricks, or got scared in the process, he wouldn't do it again.

Nope, not our son. He has scaling the crib down pat. Which means, no one is getting any sleep around here.

It also means, Husband has given me a short and strict deadline of ONE WEEK to get Lovebug's Big Boy Room up and running.

I don't want to just throw him in the spare room with a new chair and say, "Here's your big boy room!" So, I have been googling like a maniac trying to find something affordable and boyish, with fast shipping... HELLO WE HAVE A NINJA IN THE HOUSE, THIS IS A BEDDING EMERGENCY!

I was mor-ti-fied at the prices of kid's bedding. I gave up on the guitar bedding and almost threw up when Tar-Jay wanted 96 bananas for a comforter and a sham. Seriously? Come on, that is almost 100 big ones and I don't even have sheets yet. Ridiculous. I'm pretty sure the kid is going to pee in the bed five times a week, 96 dollars for two pieces of a bed set is down right crazy.

So, I found this gem, which I love, and was uber cheap. Most times I try to steer away from anything too loud, and am more into the Pottery Barn-ish look, but, we are on a timeline, and I don't have 400 buckaroos for a PB bed set. Oh well, anyone who knows Lovebug would call him "loud and cheery", so his bedding will suit him perfectly.

I also had to buy a PAIR of bed rails, because Lovebug's Big Boy Room has closets on two walls, and windows on two walls. Meaning, we are scared if we put the bed in front of a window, he may just jump out.

So, to the center of the room his new bed will go, which I have also been pricing out. Eeek, this will be an expensive week fo' sho.

Bedtime has been super fun since the Ninja child figured out the whole crib thing. I basically have to stand at his door and wait to hear him start climbing and then bust in like I'm on Boarder Patrol to stop him. Then he cries, I lay him back down, and go back to my post outside his door.

It's really fun, especially after 15 times.

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