Big Boy Room & The End Of The Internet

Did you know the world wide web has a world wide ending?? Me neither.

Not until I began searching for a guitar bedroom set for Lovebug's Big Boy Room in progress. I searched, and I searched, and I could find nothing that wasn't black (not for a two year old), pink (not for a boy two year old), or camouflage (we are going for music, not military). I couldn't believe it, the Internet failed me.

There was a big sign, "Go back, you've gone too far, there are no more guitar bedding sets, go with trucks instead."

The single ONLY half way acceptable option out there is from The Company Store. It is 70 freaking bananas for a twin sized, 200 thread count comforter cover. Comforter cover, as in, I still have to buy a comforter. What the eff? Oh PS, it's all white.

Maybe The Company Store hasn't heard of "N, $75"... but Lovebug is still hangin' out with his wang(in) out, which means, I am still catching the occasional shit in my hand. Which, I have learned, is better than stepping on it with bare feet... in case you were wondering.

So, a white comforter is pretty much completely impractical, and, I was kinda sorta hoping to spend 70 big ones on the whole she-bang... sheets, comforter, pillow case, maybe even a valance or two.

And 200 thread count?? I am pretty sure that is equivalent to sleeping with Communion on top of you. Or, for the Jews out there who don't know anything about Communion, cardboard. Yup, 200 thread count equals cardboard. I am sure a cardboard comforter is exactly the type of upgrade Lovebug has been hoping for in his Big Boy Room. Makes the whole cozy, warm, all he's ever known crib seem like the slums, I'm sure.

At this point, I'm pretty certain The Company Store isn't going to give me any perks for writing about them on my blog. Nor are they going to mass produce a guitar room priced right with decent quality non-white fabrics just for me.

Maybe I'll just say screw it to the whole Big Boy Room and keep him in his crib until he goes to college, when we can get bunk beds together and  live in the dorms. Then he'll be old enough for the black guitar bedding anyway.

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