Before Lovebug was born, we had the ultimate battle with my Mother over what her "Grandma" name was going to be. And by "we," I mean, myself and 75% of the people we have ever known in our lives.... vs my Mom. Seriously, she is a tough cookie and she did not give a damn what any of us had to say, she wanted her Grandchildren to call her.... wait for it... "Sparkle".

Yup, as in, something sparkly. Or... well, I don't know how else to explain "Sparkle" except with the word "sparkly". To steal a quote from my Husband (excuse my language),  I thought my Mother had gone "bat shit crazy".

Everywhere we went, the Grocery Store, the Gas Station, even the Drive Thru at the Bank, she was telling everyone, "Grandchild number 1 is on it's way! I am going to be 'Sparkle', and my husband is going to be 'Sparky'!"

Yes, "Sparky"... my poor Father. He loves my Mom, so he just nodded and shook his head like his does with everything else.

It became my quest to find a name that wasn't, "Grandma, Granny (haha), Gram, Nanny, Memaw, Mimi..." you name it. Anything that says white hair-sweatshirts with puff paint- track suits-canes-and old candy... was out of the question.

My siblings were super helpful in the break down of "Sparkle". They didn't want their unborn children calling her "Sparkle," either. So we banned together and started throwing out other possibilities.

She of course, hated them all. And held for dear life onto "Sparkle".

Until one day, she had a little too much wine and whispered in my ear... "I don't HATE 'Honey'."

I took that little teeny tiny nugget of truth serum (thank you $22 bottle of wine, for bringing my mother to her senses) and ran with it.

Before long, Lovebug was calling my Mom, "Honey" and my Dad, "Pop-Pop." Not just every once in awhile... like, every other word until his face turns blue is, "HoneyHoneyHoneyHoneyHoney".... like that too, with no breathes.

And because my Mom, like myself... gets excited and animated, and over the top with just about every single thing in her life, she took her awesome new "Grandma name" (that I think is actually growing on her), one step further.

She got this:

We have the state of CT's lack of "Honey" spelling options to thank for the new spelling of Honey's name... Hunny.

According to The Dictionary, we were pretty spot on with our choice. "Honey: a person for whom one feels love or deep affection; sweetheart; darling."

Sorry Mom.

Sparkle is out, Hunny is in.

(And the crowd goes wild!!!)

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