Bad Potty, Good Potty

After positioning my son just so on his potty a million times, I started to wonder... could his butt be too big for his potty??

Seriously people, I am not kidding. I myself have a little extra padding, and I swear Lovebug has the same booty as me, only a million times smaller. Just writing that sentence makes me want to burst into song, "He get it from his Maaaama, he get it from his Maaama."

Ok. It sounds weird, but every time I go to put him on his potty, I am literally spreading his legs to make sure "it" is positioned correctly, while the rest of him is nowhere near where it should be.

Hopefully you are understanding what I am saying, because taking pictures of this whole spread legs, aiming, propping situation would just be sick and weird.

I know I am a first time Mom, but I am pretty sure I understand the logistics of using a potty. Every time I would ask someone what they thought about Lovebug's booty being too big for his potty, they would promptly tell me I am a dumb ass.

But wait just a minute my friends. I knew potty training couldn't mean so much propping, and positioning, and hoisting; I would have heard about all this nonsense before if everyone was doing it.

I took my problem where I take all my problems. To Target. If I cant find an answer, spending $150 on nothing usually takes my mind off things.

I found myself in the potty aisle, which was FULL of Pottys with bigger holes. No more red rings on the Lovebug's booty!! Annddd... being that I am the mother of a boy, I guess I should have known what a pee guard was. I did not. But I do now!!

It is a raised slope on the front of the seat to prevent your little man from peeing out the top of the potty and across the room. It basically eliminates the whole "point it down," step. The pee guard makes complete and total sense to me, now that I know what the heck it is. I wasn't surprised when I realized the small hole potty has like the teeniest tiniest pee guard, making me think that this potty would be much better suited for a girl.

My son needs the big sloping, swooping pee guard. Good for him, right? Now that we have the "new" potty in the house, which Lovebug received as a potty training gift from Mommy & Daddy (wooo hooo, what's next a shoe horn?) Lovebug's little booty is red ring free, and he really enjoys potty time. It makes perfect sense, if the seat is comfy, you may want to hang out there a little while longer. And hang out he does. Lovebug thinks the potty is his own personal recliner. New potty is the coolest shiz around, and Lovebug is a big time fan.

In fact, tonight was the first time that he asked to go, and actually went! Yes! Progress!!

I cant believe I am old enough to get excited about pee, really, honest to goodness excited. Husband thinks it is an act for Lovebug, but I gotta be real here, I was this close to sending a mass text to everyone in my phone when the Bug did the whole "ask and pee" thing today.

Oh, you may be wondering why I have yet to mention going good ol' # 2 in this post. Yup, he is still doing that in his diaper. EVERY TIME. We have only had one successful #2 on the potty, when my Skinny Sis was visiting for the day.

I wonder how she'd feel about living in my bathroom for a month???

And for those who are actually still reading and/or interested in potty training... below are the bad, and good potties.

The First Years 3 in 1 BAD potty... note the tiny pee guard.

Baby Bjorn big pee guard GOOD potty... better for a boy!

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  1. there was a time when Skinny Sis only peed on the potty for me. =)


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