The Week in Steals

Not really, I didn't actually steal them. This is really the week in DEALS. Woooo!
Steal Numero Uno: Cupcake Tree Thinga-ma-jigger.

I always swoon over these things in catalogs but who really makes cupcakes often enough to rationalize $40 for a cupcake tree?? Not me. Buttt.... this little gem cost me all of four quarters! Yes, deal seekers rejoice!

This cupcake tree was on Clearance at Wal-mart for a whole buckaroo. Why? Because it had a teeny-tiny tag on it that basically made it look like a Valentine's Day item, so the store wont sell it past the season. Sucks for them, yay for me!!! And my belly!! Doesn't it look Dr. Seuss-ish??

Steal Number Two: Tulip Candle Holders

These puppies were a buck a pop at Good Will this weekend and will be perfect for our Easter decor (yes, we are already thinking about bunnies, egg hunts, and baskets full of goodies for the Lovebug... oh yeh, and Jesus rising from the dead).

Steal Number C: Jr. Jack o' Lantern

I couldn't resist purchasing Little Jack this weekend while Good Will Hunting. I have a larger version from Tar-jay that was $15, so for $2... I was happy to take Jack home and welcome him to the family. Is it October yet??

(Yes, I know it says Steal Numero Uno, Steal Number Two, and Steal Number C... it is an attempt at humor, laugh and pretend I am funny).

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