Twenty Months...

Aching ovaries, this one is for you. I have found a cure for your problems. If you are of child bearing age, and long for a little teeny tiny Lovebug of your own, to snuggle, and cuddle, and get big sloppy kisses from... never fear, I have the answer.

The answer, my dear friends, is to spend time with a twenty month old... for I feel that this age folks... is the hardest so far. Give me a screaming newborn, or a teething six month old any day... my sweet little twenty month old Lovebug has turned into a Love Monster.

Now don't get me wrong. I love my child more than anything in this entire world. I am actually one of those people that new moms tend to hate, because being a mom has more or less come pretty natural to me. But throw a teething, sick, non-napping, temper tantrum, crying twenty month old child into my house, and I am a a 12 year old girl on my first day of babysitting. I am not clueless, I am scared. My child is a tornado. He literally goes from one end of my house to the other ripping things off shelves and out of the fridge and down the toilet and threw the cat door... while I trail two steps behind, catching cat food and wiping boogers, trying not to cry.

Granted, this "I can do it myself" stage, coupled with a nasty cold, AND two year molars; is an unfortunate combination that not all twenty month olds go through simultaneously. So, maybe for another Mom that hardest stage was the beginning, like for Husband, who nearly died from lack of sleep (ie, 7 hours a night instead of 10... wah), or three months, or three years. I cant say what tomorrow will bring, but right now... I am digging deep for patience, and strength, and I am trying to always remember to be thankful for my little terror.

He is, after all, a sweet boy, who loves all people, and gives amazing hugs and open mouth drooly kisses (with tongue, yum), who sings, and dances, and gives random-flying-leap-head-butting-hugs at 100 miles an hour... I know exactly how lucky I am. There are just some days when you need a break, a Nanny, a Husband who doesn't travel.... any of the above really... just once in awhile. My friends tell me I have the hardest job in the world, I have never thought so before, but today was a tough one for me. Everyone has their days, today was mine.

And when all naps have been boycotted, and Lovebug has spent more than an hour and half total screaming in his crib (over 3 attempted nap times)... when he is a overtired mess and all he wants is to snuggle with Mommy... all his forgiven.

Tomorrow is a new day, with more hugs to be had, and more battles to be won... until then, beware of twenty months, and remember to squeeze your little Bugs (or big Bugs) tight. We are lucky to have them, crazy tornadoes and all.

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