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Lord knows it is hard to keep up with a toddler on the move. One second you see them, the next, you don't.

This is exactly what happened to us the other day while visiting Honey & Pop-Pop.. well, kind of.

Lovebug was slowly unpacking my bag that was at the front door and ready to go, while the rest of us ate some pizza. I look up to catch him shaking a bottle of Children's Benadryl while singing and dancing. (Insert the fact that you are now judging me for letting my child play with Benadryl here.) One second later, the Benadryl has been replaced with a truck, and the medicine has vanished, as in... nowhere. to. be. found.

Lovebug is pretty smart these days so I just ask him, "Lovebug, where is the medicine?" He walks me over to a vent in my parent's kitchen, that has not had a cover on it for, oh, 15 years, and says "Down." Awesome, he threw the brand new bottle of Benadryl down the heat vent. I have to admit, I was more worried about the fact that the Doctor actually said we could use the Benadryl to help us all get some sleep, and now we were without it, than I was about the stupid heat vent (sorry Dad).

Anyway, here is a few shots of some of the nonsense that ensued in attempting to retrieve the medicine. Long story short, we never found it, and bought some more on the way home. Sorry Dad-- at least your vent will sleep well tonight.

(Side note For those who are realllly paying attention: Yes, Lovebug IS holding a bottle of medicine in his hand. This is the OTHER bottle we gave him, to try to teach him to be a hunting dog and lead us to the first one. Fail.)

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  1. So I hear this story about 2 year old who makes his mother and aunt look like idiots - he tells them the Benadryl was in the heating vent BUT know where it really was?????


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