Junk Drawer S.OS.

We are always so freaking busy around here that I made a point to schedule us a weekend at home. Our calendar actually says, "STAY HOME AND DO NOTHING".  I have been swooning and sighing over this weekend for weeks, in anticipation of the nothing-ness that would ensue.

However, true to my nature, I couldn't sit freaking still. I promised myself I'd only be productive one time a day this weekend, and the rest of the time I'd work on my couch sores (getting them, not removing them).

So, I headed over to the Dollar Store, which ironically enough has a TON of storage bins and boxes, for, you guessed it, a buck. I have been using one of those silverware holder jobbies for so long, and the thing sucks... because it is just long skinny compartments everything gets all jumbled and tornado-ish. See the embarrassing pictures below.

Don't judge me. Okay fine, judge me. But know this... our junk drawers are not baby proofed. I have no idea why, ask Husband... repeatedly, everyday, for 6 months, badger him... please.

Anyway, Lovebug sticks his Lovepaws into these junk drawers a fafillion times a day because they HAD all sorts of fun interesting stuff in them.

Now? They are organized, and baby proofed, yay!

Most of the junk that was in there was not in fact garbage, just misplaced. If everything needs a home, consider our junk drawers the former Homeless Shelter. Well, Homeless Shelter no more!

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