The Case of the Missing Benadryl

I took  a video the night the Benadryl went down the heat vent. It was riduculous, and long, and most people probably wouldn't care enough to watch the whole thing; which is good, because it was too long to be uploaded onto Blogger.

The highlight of the video is my sister pulling old leaves, and dust, and cat toys out of the heat vent with a glove on, while the rest of us laugh at her. The funniest thing about making my sister go diving into the heat vent for the Benadryl, is that my parents found it tonight... nowhere. near. the. heat. vent.
It was clear across the kitchen, in the spatula drawer. Of course, my Uncle that already thinks I'm a retard had to be there when they found it.

Let this be a lesson to, um, me. Watch my kid more closely. And, don't ever, ever trust the male species. No matter how young, they apparently all like a good laugh at a woman's expense.

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