Best. Idea. Ever.

Our child is on the go 24/7... he needs constant attention and stimulation, and more often than not, I run out of ways to entertain him by 4 pm. A friend of mine suggested filling a big tupperware tub with water and soap and letting him play. Her son is not as, um, excitablespaz-tastic, nuts (etc, etc)...as mine is just yet (translation: her son is not a walking tornado), so I took this idea, and tweaked it slightly for Lovebug.

It was a really difficult process and I am not sure if you can grasp the concept so I will speak (type?) slowly, (insert sarcastic tone here).

I laid some dishtowels on the kitchen floor. I instructed Lovebug to sit and wait for a surprise, I told him he could not move off the dishtowels. It took 4 times, but he finally sat quietly.

I took 3 deep tupperware bowls, added dish soap and a little bit of water to each. (I decided less is more with Lovebug, the less I give him, the less I have to pick up.)

I placed these bowls in front of Lovebug, and handed him three spoons.

Then, I watched his eyes get wide, and listened as he squealed, "Cooking! Pasta! Brownies! Yummies! Have fun, Mommy!" He really couldn't believe that I was handing him a potential mess, and sitting back and watching him make it.

The kid has never been so happy, so quiet, and to my surprise, so neat in his entire life. That is the truth. No exaggeration, I swear.

I expected the worst with this project, but Lovebug kept his promise and did not move off the dishtowels. He did not throw the bowls, or dump the water. He wasn't a tornado, he was a happy, playing little boy. And I was a relaxed, relieved, and impressed Mommy.

Needless to say, I know what we are doing again tomorrow (and the next day, and the next day, and the next day)!!

Hold on to your ovaries folks... the cuteness that you are about to see is over-the-top-adorable. I cant even stand it, I know I am biased, but look at that face! Who knew water and soap could make one child so happy?? Best. Idea. Ever.

(Thanks a million times for this one, Jen.)

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