We took a well deserved break this past weekend at my parent's home in Maine, and took zero pictures of our getaway. Woops.

Never fear, on the way home we stopped at the Oulets in Freeport which are TO-DIE-FOR, and we remembered to snap just a few Bug pics for those sweet folks who care. Seriously though, what were we thinking just "popping in on the way home"... not a chance. Freeport Outlets are chock full of the good stuff... like, every last store on Earth that you think you'd want to outlet shop. We had to shop quickly to keep changing up the scenery for the Little Bug, and got to hit The North Face, Nike, and L.L. Bean, plus snag some (disappointing) lunch.

On our "To-Hit" list was also Polo Ralph Lauren, Coach (:sighhh:), Sunglass Shop, The Children's Place, Nine West Outlet, Lids, & J. Crew. Yeh, we were a little excited and definitely over estimated the amount of time Lovebug would be willing to devote to shopping.

Lovebug was however, super excited to spend some time in the Kid's Section at L.L. Bean. Bean was awesome for the Bug, we just missed the start of a live music show for kid's, but got to draw on the ha-uge chalkboard, and climb around the pseudo tree house with all the other little Bugs.

Aside from the fantastic kid zone, Bean also had great deals.

I got these cah-yuuute ear muffs that I am obsessed with. I even wore them in the car on the way home... so what?

Seven buckaroos on winter clearance!

We also snagged this ridiculous hat and matching gloves (not pictured) for Lovebug, which match his awesome winter coat (also from Bean.)

Also seven bucks on clearance! For the set! Woooo!

Always with his guitar

If you are in the market for any type of winter clothes for your little ones, I speak from experience when I say, don't waste your time with anything other than L.L. Bean. For the price, and the quality, why bother hunting elsewhere?? Our snow days were proof that Bean offers top of the line materials that keep the little guy warm and toasty. Seriously, no one is paying me to say this, I will not buy snow clothes or winter boots for Lovebug anywhere but L.L. Bean.

Bean for life, yo.

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