The Week in Steals

Not really, I didn't actually steal them. This is really the week in DEALS. Woooo!
Steal Numero Uno: Cupcake Tree Thinga-ma-jigger.

I always swoon over these things in catalogs but who really makes cupcakes often enough to rationalize $40 for a cupcake tree?? Not me. Buttt.... this little gem cost me all of four quarters! Yes, deal seekers rejoice!

This cupcake tree was on Clearance at Wal-mart for a whole buckaroo. Why? Because it had a teeny-tiny tag on it that basically made it look like a Valentine's Day item, so the store wont sell it past the season. Sucks for them, yay for me!!! And my belly!! Doesn't it look Dr. Seuss-ish??

Steal Number Two: Tulip Candle Holders

These puppies were a buck a pop at Good Will this weekend and will be perfect for our Easter decor (yes, we are already thinking about bunnies, egg hunts, and baskets full of goodies for the Lovebug... oh yeh, and Jesus rising from the dead).

Steal Number C: Jr. Jack o' Lantern

I couldn't resist purchasing Little Jack this weekend while Good Will Hunting. I have a larger version from Tar-jay that was $15, so for $2... I was happy to take Jack home and welcome him to the family. Is it October yet??

(Yes, I know it says Steal Numero Uno, Steal Number Two, and Steal Number C... it is an attempt at humor, laugh and pretend I am funny).

Junk Drawer S.OS.

We are always so freaking busy around here that I made a point to schedule us a weekend at home. Our calendar actually says, "STAY HOME AND DO NOTHING".  I have been swooning and sighing over this weekend for weeks, in anticipation of the nothing-ness that would ensue.

However, true to my nature, I couldn't sit freaking still. I promised myself I'd only be productive one time a day this weekend, and the rest of the time I'd work on my couch sores (getting them, not removing them).

So, I headed over to the Dollar Store, which ironically enough has a TON of storage bins and boxes, for, you guessed it, a buck. I have been using one of those silverware holder jobbies for so long, and the thing sucks... because it is just long skinny compartments everything gets all jumbled and tornado-ish. See the embarrassing pictures below.

Don't judge me. Okay fine, judge me. But know this... our junk drawers are not baby proofed. I have no idea why, ask Husband... repeatedly, everyday, for 6 months, badger him... please.

Anyway, Lovebug sticks his Lovepaws into these junk drawers a fafillion times a day because they HAD all sorts of fun interesting stuff in them.

Now? They are organized, and baby proofed, yay!

Most of the junk that was in there was not in fact garbage, just misplaced. If everything needs a home, consider our junk drawers the former Homeless Shelter. Well, Homeless Shelter no more!


The Case of the Missing Benadryl

I took  a video the night the Benadryl went down the heat vent. It was riduculous, and long, and most people probably wouldn't care enough to watch the whole thing; which is good, because it was too long to be uploaded onto Blogger.

The highlight of the video is my sister pulling old leaves, and dust, and cat toys out of the heat vent with a glove on, while the rest of us laugh at her. The funniest thing about making my sister go diving into the heat vent for the Benadryl, is that my parents found it tonight... nowhere. near. the. heat. vent.
It was clear across the kitchen, in the spatula drawer. Of course, my Uncle that already thinks I'm a retard had to be there when they found it.

Let this be a lesson to, um, me. Watch my kid more closely. And, don't ever, ever trust the male species. No matter how young, they apparently all like a good laugh at a woman's expense.


Best. Idea. Ever. (Part II)

Earlier this week, Lovebug busted out with three of the most beautiful words I have ever heard.

"Love you, Mommy!"

I nearly died on the spot.

But... rather than scar him for life... I decided to smother him with kisses and hugs, and beg him to say it every 10 minutes for the rest of the day his life.

Now, I know some of you don't speak Lovebug, but here is a video, of him playing during the Best. Idea. Ever.... and yelling "Love You!" at the end.

I die. Again.


Best. Idea. Ever.

Our child is on the go 24/7... he needs constant attention and stimulation, and more often than not, I run out of ways to entertain him by 4 pm. A friend of mine suggested filling a big tupperware tub with water and soap and letting him play. Her son is not as, um, excitablespaz-tastic, nuts (etc, etc)...as mine is just yet (translation: her son is not a walking tornado), so I took this idea, and tweaked it slightly for Lovebug.

It was a really difficult process and I am not sure if you can grasp the concept so I will speak (type?) slowly, (insert sarcastic tone here).

I laid some dishtowels on the kitchen floor. I instructed Lovebug to sit and wait for a surprise, I told him he could not move off the dishtowels. It took 4 times, but he finally sat quietly.

I took 3 deep tupperware bowls, added dish soap and a little bit of water to each. (I decided less is more with Lovebug, the less I give him, the less I have to pick up.)

I placed these bowls in front of Lovebug, and handed him three spoons.

Then, I watched his eyes get wide, and listened as he squealed, "Cooking! Pasta! Brownies! Yummies! Have fun, Mommy!" He really couldn't believe that I was handing him a potential mess, and sitting back and watching him make it.

The kid has never been so happy, so quiet, and to my surprise, so neat in his entire life. That is the truth. No exaggeration, I swear.

I expected the worst with this project, but Lovebug kept his promise and did not move off the dishtowels. He did not throw the bowls, or dump the water. He wasn't a tornado, he was a happy, playing little boy. And I was a relaxed, relieved, and impressed Mommy.

Needless to say, I know what we are doing again tomorrow (and the next day, and the next day, and the next day)!!

Hold on to your ovaries folks... the cuteness that you are about to see is over-the-top-adorable. I cant even stand it, I know I am biased, but look at that face! Who knew water and soap could make one child so happy?? Best. Idea. Ever.

(Thanks a million times for this one, Jen.)



When someone says, "Hi," to Lovebug, and he puts his head down, I say, "Are you shy?"

Remember that when you read this little tidbit from our weekend.

We took Lovebug to lunch the other day and he was doing his usual thing, saying, "Hi," to everyone he sees. Lovebug turns around in his high chair, and looks right at the man behind him, "Hi Guy!"

The guy looked at Lovebug, and turned back to his lunch, without a second thought.

Lovebug turned back around in his chair, looks at me and says, "He's shy."

I couldn't help but laugh, he is a smart little cookie... just like his Mama.


It's no secret that Lovebug is a sponge these days, and every day I am reminded that I should watch my freaking mouth.

Like yesterday, when we hit up the Pediatrician AH-GAIN. Husband was playing with Lovebug while I struggled with an ages 7+ maze waiting while the Doctor to took his sweet ass time again. Lovebug peeked over my shoulder in time to hear me quietly mumble, "Damn it."

You would think the kid had been waiting his whole life to hear those words the way he started saying it and yelling it at the top of his lungs. "Damn it, damn it, damn it, damn it!"

"Damn it, Dada, Damn it!"

What perfect timing for Senor Slow Doc to make his appearance.

Judging Pediatrician: 1
Bad Mouth Mommy: 0


Keep Up...

Lord knows it is hard to keep up with a toddler on the move. One second you see them, the next, you don't.

This is exactly what happened to us the other day while visiting Honey & Pop-Pop.. well, kind of.

Lovebug was slowly unpacking my bag that was at the front door and ready to go, while the rest of us ate some pizza. I look up to catch him shaking a bottle of Children's Benadryl while singing and dancing. (Insert the fact that you are now judging me for letting my child play with Benadryl here.) One second later, the Benadryl has been replaced with a truck, and the medicine has vanished, as in... nowhere. to. be. found.

Lovebug is pretty smart these days so I just ask him, "Lovebug, where is the medicine?" He walks me over to a vent in my parent's kitchen, that has not had a cover on it for, oh, 15 years, and says "Down." Awesome, he threw the brand new bottle of Benadryl down the heat vent. I have to admit, I was more worried about the fact that the Doctor actually said we could use the Benadryl to help us all get some sleep, and now we were without it, than I was about the stupid heat vent (sorry Dad).

Anyway, here is a few shots of some of the nonsense that ensued in attempting to retrieve the medicine. Long story short, we never found it, and bought some more on the way home. Sorry Dad-- at least your vent will sleep well tonight.

(Side note For those who are realllly paying attention: Yes, Lovebug IS holding a bottle of medicine in his hand. This is the OTHER bottle we gave him, to try to teach him to be a hunting dog and lead us to the first one. Fail.)



We took a well deserved break this past weekend at my parent's home in Maine, and took zero pictures of our getaway. Woops.

Never fear, on the way home we stopped at the Oulets in Freeport which are TO-DIE-FOR, and we remembered to snap just a few Bug pics for those sweet folks who care. Seriously though, what were we thinking just "popping in on the way home"... not a chance. Freeport Outlets are chock full of the good stuff... like, every last store on Earth that you think you'd want to outlet shop. We had to shop quickly to keep changing up the scenery for the Little Bug, and got to hit The North Face, Nike, and L.L. Bean, plus snag some (disappointing) lunch.

On our "To-Hit" list was also Polo Ralph Lauren, Coach (:sighhh:), Sunglass Shop, The Children's Place, Nine West Outlet, Lids, & J. Crew. Yeh, we were a little excited and definitely over estimated the amount of time Lovebug would be willing to devote to shopping.

Lovebug was however, super excited to spend some time in the Kid's Section at L.L. Bean. Bean was awesome for the Bug, we just missed the start of a live music show for kid's, but got to draw on the ha-uge chalkboard, and climb around the pseudo tree house with all the other little Bugs.

Aside from the fantastic kid zone, Bean also had great deals.

I got these cah-yuuute ear muffs that I am obsessed with. I even wore them in the car on the way home... so what?

Seven buckaroos on winter clearance!

We also snagged this ridiculous hat and matching gloves (not pictured) for Lovebug, which match his awesome winter coat (also from Bean.)

Also seven bucks on clearance! For the set! Woooo!

Always with his guitar

If you are in the market for any type of winter clothes for your little ones, I speak from experience when I say, don't waste your time with anything other than L.L. Bean. For the price, and the quality, why bother hunting elsewhere?? Our snow days were proof that Bean offers top of the line materials that keep the little guy warm and toasty. Seriously, no one is paying me to say this, I will not buy snow clothes or winter boots for Lovebug anywhere but L.L. Bean.

Bean for life, yo.



Another week, and another 50 + words added into the Bug vocabulary bank. Some of the stand outs of the week??

Bu-na-na: Ballerina (when I first heard this one I thought he was swearing in Spanish)
Roni: Macaroni (Grandma insisted good Italian boys do not say "pasta" they say "macaroni")
Car Cart: Car Cart (you know, Lovebug's new favorite "toy" the grocery cart with the car on the front of it)
Black Guy: Hopefully this one is self explanatory. Lovebug saw pictures of our old couch getting moved by 3 Jamaican guys, and I said, "moving man," "black guy" .... obviously we know which one he chose to repeat.  He is a parrot.
Poop: Lovebug now kindly tells us AFTER he poops. Wouldn't want to use the potty.
No, I'm Fine: Lovebug nows says this when we ask him questions... "Do you want more water?" "No, I'm fine." Again, he is a parrot, and this is pretty much the only sentence I have the energy to eek out at the end of the day.

The other thing that we are laughing at writing in the Baby Book this week is the whole, "you" issue. I cant remember if I have written about this before. In any event, Lovebug pretty much thinks his name is "you,"... not that I say, "hey you" all the time, quite the opposite. Lovebug is always called by either his first name, or "Boom," (because he falls all the time and goes, "Boom")... we never call our child "you", at least not intentionally.

It's like this. I say, "What book do you want to read?" or "Do you want to go downstairs with Da-da?" "What do you want for lunch?" And he will say "You, Elmo Book" "You, Da-da, Downstairs." "You, roni, pleeeease."

We are trying not to say "you" directly to Lovebug anymore, to try and change this whole, My-Parents-Named-Me-You debacle... but it is freaking hard!

I am challenging you (ugh, see it is hard not to say it!), dear readers, to a day without saying "you". Let me know how it goes!


His Royal Sinus

So... maybe I was wrong. Even though twenty months is the hardest age I have encountered thus far... it is not really all tornado, messy house, and temper tantrum related. The terror that Lovebug has been reaking all over this side of the Mississippi, may in small part, be due to the fact that he has a sinus infection. Which is interesting because babies sinuses are very small and under developed.

Nevertheless, the Bug has managed to get his little teeny, tiny sinuses infected big time. Which explains the non-napping. And the screams and cries in his sleep. It also explains why the runny nose is only getting worse, and is now a bubble machine of snots.

All thanks to bacteria that is now on the in, and outside of his dear little nose, poor guy.

So, don't judge me because I cried on the kitchen floor yesterday while feeding Lovebug pasta, that he promptly spit out into his hand, and then rubbed all over the fridge. Everyone has their days, thankfully mine was yesterday and today, knock on wood, is going much better. The Bug is just too damn tired to be his usual tornado self, and would rather cuddle and read books.... Yay, peace, quiet, and education!

Twenty Months...

Aching ovaries, this one is for you. I have found a cure for your problems. If you are of child bearing age, and long for a little teeny tiny Lovebug of your own, to snuggle, and cuddle, and get big sloppy kisses from... never fear, I have the answer.

The answer, my dear friends, is to spend time with a twenty month old... for I feel that this age folks... is the hardest so far. Give me a screaming newborn, or a teething six month old any day... my sweet little twenty month old Lovebug has turned into a Love Monster.

Now don't get me wrong. I love my child more than anything in this entire world. I am actually one of those people that new moms tend to hate, because being a mom has more or less come pretty natural to me. But throw a teething, sick, non-napping, temper tantrum, crying twenty month old child into my house, and I am a a 12 year old girl on my first day of babysitting. I am not clueless, I am scared. My child is a tornado. He literally goes from one end of my house to the other ripping things off shelves and out of the fridge and down the toilet and threw the cat door... while I trail two steps behind, catching cat food and wiping boogers, trying not to cry.

Granted, this "I can do it myself" stage, coupled with a nasty cold, AND two year molars; is an unfortunate combination that not all twenty month olds go through simultaneously. So, maybe for another Mom that hardest stage was the beginning, like for Husband, who nearly died from lack of sleep (ie, 7 hours a night instead of 10... wah), or three months, or three years. I cant say what tomorrow will bring, but right now... I am digging deep for patience, and strength, and I am trying to always remember to be thankful for my little terror.

He is, after all, a sweet boy, who loves all people, and gives amazing hugs and open mouth drooly kisses (with tongue, yum), who sings, and dances, and gives random-flying-leap-head-butting-hugs at 100 miles an hour... I know exactly how lucky I am. There are just some days when you need a break, a Nanny, a Husband who doesn't travel.... any of the above really... just once in awhile. My friends tell me I have the hardest job in the world, I have never thought so before, but today was a tough one for me. Everyone has their days, today was mine.

And when all naps have been boycotted, and Lovebug has spent more than an hour and half total screaming in his crib (over 3 attempted nap times)... when he is a overtired mess and all he wants is to snuggle with Mommy... all his forgiven.

Tomorrow is a new day, with more hugs to be had, and more battles to be won... until then, beware of twenty months, and remember to squeeze your little Bugs (or big Bugs) tight. We are lucky to have them, crazy tornadoes and all.


Kinda Wordless Wednesday

A quick playdate at Barnes & Noble turned into Mommy watching Lovebug run around, and around, and around on the little teeny tiny stage. Make no mistake, Little Man loves an audience!!


Priceless Valentine....

Driving to Barnes & Noble for a Playdate: 20 minutes and $5 in gas
New Book for Lovebug on Valentine's Day: $10.56
Lunch Date with Lovebug for Valentine's Day: $12.51, one bag of chips dumped on the floor
Airplane from Target for Lovebug: Accidentally free (he is always putting stuff in his pockets! Gah!)
Bag of M&M's for Lovebug for Valentine's Day Treat: $0.99

Letting Lovebug ride in the car cart for the first time at the grocery store?

Here's a quick clip of our little mayor saying, "Hi Guy, Hi Guy, Hi Guy, Hi Guy... Hey Laddddy!"
From here on out, all playdates will be held at Stop & Shop.



I think we've got it. Yup, it's got to be malaria. Well, I don't have it. But both of my boys are sick with stuffy heads and runny noses, and the way they're acting, yup, it's got to be malaria. Lovebug has been crying in his sleep because he cant breathe out his little bug nose. Husband has been crying, um, every second, because men are the biggest babies ever when they're sick.

Aside from caring for the ill, I have been trying to embrace all of the Bug's newest interests, no matter how strange they may be. Like his new thing with sitting in small spaces. So far this week he has sat in a bucket, a game box, a large Rubbermaid container, and this gem... the smallest laundry basket ever. I think Husband bought this when he was in the Navy. I have no idea where it came from, but it can probably hold maybe 3 sweatshirts. Or just socks, it'd be great for a load of nothing but socks. Or... it can hold 28 pounds of sneezy, snotty, little Bug man, and one Waste Management dump truck.

Lovebug is also big time into "cooking" this week. We have a large plastic colander in his bathtub that he likes to make me "pasta" in. He also loves to take anything he can find in the kitchen, (spoon, spatula, child sized shovel) and stir the cat food. Yeh, this is always fun for Mommy, who is now forever cleaning up cat food.

So, yesterday I gave him some Tupperware with some dry oatmeal and cookies in it. I just let him have at it. I figured that at least the oatmeal can get sucked up the Swiffer... so, here he is going to town whipping up some oatmeal cookies for me.

He has also been carrying around one of my Coach bags saying, "See ya," and heading for the door. Husband hates this, but I honestly cant really say I mind. I did however, draw the line at taking the purse into the bathtub yesterday. You gotta have boundries people.


Here I Am!

Sorry for the lack of posts, the Bug is sick... AH-GAAAAIN! So Mama Bug has been busy wiping his little nose nineteen-thousand times a day. Which is always fun, 'cause he HATES to have his nose wiped.

Oh, and then when he was brushing his teeth, he stuck the toothbrush in his eye, so that time I had to wipe his eyes, nose, and mouth (which was still full of toothpaste). It's been quite the wiping day here today.

More tomorrow, my hands are tired.


Jump Around, Jump Around, Jump Up, Jump Up, and Get Down

We joined a pack of Mommy's and kiddos last week for the ultimate playdate at our local Jump Zone. It was AH-MAZ-ZING (yup, just like that)... seriously, we loved every second.

I usually tend to steer clear of places that could potentially be filled with nine glom-jillion germs, but, the JZ (yeh I gave it a nickname, we're cool like that) had bottles of disinfectant EVERYWHERE. Plus the place was spotless, so, so clean.

We went during open play for ages 3-6. I know, I know, Lovebug is not even 2. It didn't matter, he was one of many, many little toddlers with bobble heads bouncing around that place. The best part was that I got to go in the bounce houses with him. It was crazy for me to watch my little guy figure out how to climb a ladder, and freak out over the slides. He is getting so big so fast, and I just wish I could bottle all of his loving energy and smiles. Lovebug does this thing when he is really happy and excited, where he will stop what he is doing and run and give me a hug and a kiss, and then continue playing on his merry way. This heart melting little number he pulls literally makes my heart smile. Lovebug is such a happy little clam, it made my weekend to spend time with him like this. The JZ  was an amazing host and we will definitley be back this week for more jumping Mommy and Baby Small Child (tear) time.

Since we were JZ virgins, I took nineteen-billion-fafillion pictures. Enjoy!


Blanket Forts & Baby Buffets...

Alot of my mommy friends have a hard time getting their little gremlins dollfaces to eat. I never had this exact problem, but I did have an issue with changing foods up on the Bug. Let me explain. If I gave Lovebug, say, a piece of chicken. And then I gave him a piece of corn... he would get all squinty and spit it out at me. Lovebug is not into the whole "multiple foods in one meal" thing. Weird, I know.

ham, chicken, strawberries, cheese, apples, pickles
Enter the Baby Buffet. I named it myself, thankyouverymuch. Every day after nap time I make a dish of all the goodies we've got in the fridge, and plop it down on the table for the Bug to pick at. And it works! I had read somewhere that leaving out a plate of veggies is a sure fire way to get kids to nom away on them. It was true! Lovebug finishes nearly this entire plate, and just picks and chooses as he goes! Genuis!

Although, I guess I cant say I am surprised. What man doesn't like buffets?? Apparently not this little nugget, he is a Baby Buffet lover, and, proud eater of all things fresh and yummy... yay!

Now I did promise you a blanket fort. It's actually a pretty lame one (which I will blame on Husband and his complete lack of creativity).... the Bug and I sat in our only-used-one-blanket-for-this-lame-ass-fort and ate his Baby Buffet while watching Thomas and playing the drums tupperware.

This is what parenting is all about... tupperware, blankets, and food in your carpet.

What's That Smell??

Do people talk about this kind of stuff?? On blogs?? I don't know, I can't be sure, I am still new to this, so I'm going to do it and just hope that you can laugh with me, and not snicker at me.

We have friends who have a no farting rule. They have been married 6 years and to keep their marriage, um, not disgusting, or, still sexy, they don't fart in front of each other. I love this idea. Specifically because more often than not Husband smells like rotten eggs in a dumpster. A big ol' smelly dumpster full of dirty diapers.

I get really pissed when he walks out of the bathroom, takes the 5 steps to our bed, climbs in, covers himself up, and let's out a ripper. What the hell is that about? Why couldn't you empty your ass in the bathroom... you walked across the room knowing you had that little bugger just waiting to eek out, and you were just dying to drop that bomb in our bed, where I am minding my own non-smelly business.

When I told Husband that I would like to adapt the no farting rule, he shot me down. Not even, "I'll think about it," just, "No."

So, my next request, (along with the request for my own room) is going to be for a gas mask. Stay tuned for pics.

PS- When I read Husband this blog, to offer his stinky ass the opportunity to veto it, he was ignoring me, reading facebook statuses. I did actually read the whole blog outloud, and he actually ignored every single word of it... so, sorry stinky Charlie. I'm hitting Publish on this baby.


From the Mouth of Mommy....

Just a few of the things that came out of my mouth in the last 24 hours...

"No, those aren't Mommy's boobies, those are the mannequin's boobies," (at Kohl's passing the lingerie department)
"Let go of the thong. Drop it, please let go, no, not on your head. Here, use boy shorts instead." (also at Kohl's)
"Please don't put chewed bacon in my purse, put it in my hand." (out to lunch)
"No throwing shoes at Mommy when she's driving!"
"Stop riding the cat!"
"Close your eyes, those are bad boys, la la la, don't look at them," (walking by loud, rude, destructive kids in BJ's)
"Do not brush your balls with the toothbrush," (giving Lovebug a bath while he played with Husband's toothbrush, hahahaha)
"Do not stick crayons in your strawberries."
"Please stop head butting Mommy's booty."

Life sure is getting interesting!


Bloggy Stats??

I  have been at this blogging thing for almost 3 months now. Though I still only have 9 followers, I am not giving up yet. Here's why: according to my blogger-stat -thing-a-ma-jiggy, I have lots of non-following readers.

I just found this and thought it was pretty interesting:

                                   United States-
- 18
                                   United Kingdom
- 17
- 6
- 4
- 1

Those are the actual number of hits I have gotten per country. So weird! Who knew that people in the UK had any interest in Our Tiny Place?? I mean, there is the possibility that someone accidentally hit refresh 16 times after they accidentally landed on my blog... but I like to think not.

 So, if you're out there reading, please follow me, and comment (uh, in English please)... I'd love to have ten whole followers, or even, :gasp:, dare I say, ELEVEN?!

Turn It Up... Or Down, Whatever

For those of you stalking Our Tiny Place at work... fair warning that I added a playlist to my blog this morning.

It is chock full of songs that we dance to in the kitchen... so, if you're allowed to listen to some tunes, turn it up! And as we tell Lovebug, "Shake your booty!"


John Mayer, Are You Out There??

Does anyone know John Mayer? Seriously, I am not kidding. I need to talk to this guy.

I know we've talked about this before, but it is getting crazy now. My son is obsessed with him. He asks to watch "two," on TV before Thomas and Caillou. "Two" is his name for John Mayer, who counts in the beginning of his songs, and also taught Lovebug how to count. He will shake his head and say "No, No" when we try to play someone other than John Mayer. Lovebug even recognizes his voice singing songs he has never heard before. If we buy an entirely new CD he has never heard before, he still knows that "two" is the one singing.

Last night, while we were watching American Idol, we heard this weird humming noise. Husband swore it was the wind, but Mama always knows best.

We snuck quietly up the stairs, only to hear Lovebug, who had been in bed for an hour, singing. It took a couple tries to catch him actually, because we kept turning down American Idol so we could hear him better. But the Bug wanted to sing along with the TV, which is directly under his bedroom. So when we would turn it down, he would stop singing. Lovebug loves to watch AI on the DVR, and will sit mesmerized listening to people sing.

Anyway, back to Mr. Mayer. When we crept up the stairs, we heard Lovebug singing the opening melody to his favorite song, "Waiting on the World to Change." He says, "Bum, Bum, Bum..." I can't obviously write it how it sounds, but listen to the song... it starts at 11 seconds... and Lovebug sounds just like that. He actually makes his voice carry the notes up and down. It is amazing!

The obsession grows daily. Which would be normal and fine if he were older, or a 15 year old girl. Or even if he was old enough to really appreciate the amazing guitarist that John Mayer is. But he is none of those things, he is 20 months old and he just legit loves the guy.

So, I decided that we need to have the Bug meet him, we need John Mayer to play his guitar and sing to Lovebug. It needs to happen.

John Mayer, are you out there?? We need to talk.

111 Things, Part 2

I started out the month of January searching for 111 things to purge from our home. I would love to say that I successfully scoured our entire house and we now have not one unnecassary object. But, I'd be lying. I did my best, but I still have a long way to go. My goal for the month of February is 50 more things.

I topped off my purge with 93 things to donate and 48 things to sell. That is 141 things!! Wooo, I blew my goal out of the water!!!

Donation Pile... Sisters get first dibs on clothes of course

Sell Pile, Hoping to make at least a hundred bananas
 Annnd... I am not done yet, or, that is what I keep telling myself... hopefully my motivation will stay strong when winter becomes Spring... if. that. ever. happens.

Having a child means things constantly need to be changed over, he is forever out growing his clothes, toys, and games. Most things are lucky if they get one month lifespan around here, so we are going to forge ahead with the purging/donatig and continue until every nook and cranny is organized (which will last until Husband goes near said crannies, but that's another story.)

Anyway, I am always on the hunt for new organizational ideas, I really should just employ my college roommate, whose linen closet looks like Bed, Bath & Beyond. I swear she has a towel folder. Last week on a play date I saw that the Mom kept her son's books in a big basket. Genius. So simple. Duh. I am FOREVER picking up books and straightening them and organizing Lovebug's bookshelf. I'll finish one shelf and Lovebug will sneak up behind me and throw everything everywhere. Why didn't I think of a big book basket sooner?? Easy, fast, clean. It's perfect.

I am definitley organized when it comes to meal time, bed time, bath time, nap time, cleaning the bathroom time, vaccuuming time... etc, etc, etc... These things directly effect the flow of our entire lives, and so, they get priority over the dump garage, linen closet and junk drawers. Basically the nooks and crannies. Does anyone have any fool proof organizing tips?? I'd loove to hear them!
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